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Dean!Girls! Community
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Welcome to the first and only community thus far made especially for the girls or dudes that are obsessed or fans of the great character named Dean from the popular new series named Supernatural which now airs Thursday’s at 9pm on the WB which will be the new CW this coming fall. This community is going to be a very large community which will include something for everyone here. We allow: Graphics, fics, music video’s, recommendations, spoilers/news, fanmixes/music, episode discussion, ships, squees, clips/caps and wincest to a degree. We hope that no one is thinking that the community is just for the girls that love Dean because we allow anyone to come join us. Just beware that fangirls can get a little crazy and that we hope you can put up with us

To make the community easier to get through and to help us get over the summer hiatus, we have opened some general entries that we can use to carry on discussions about our Dean. We are going to post the links underneath before the rules and please feel free to join us on any of the entries below. We would also like to get to know our members a little bit and it would be nice for new members to do a little introduction too which is located after too

We really encourage that you guys pimp the community to all the Dean fans and we really hope that the community becames a big place for all the fans of Dean to come to post

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We would like that everyone is respectful and friendly to everyone which should be a given in any community or to any journal. We are all here for the same reason and that is to share an obsession over a character named Dean. We understand that not everyone will get along or that everyone will have the same opinion as some one else. All we ask is that you are nice and respect each other when having a conflict in looking at a certain aspect of Dean. This includes shipper wars and we ask that you do not bash a character or poster of our community at anytime. You will be banned from the community if anything like this happens

We understand that spoilers will be posted at the community which will be any spoiler for the show almost with Dean being one of the main characters. We ask that you use lj-cuts and if you don’t know how, we ask that you ask for help from one of the maintainers listed below. We also ask that anything related to an episode is posted under a cut too because there are people on our community or those that are watching the community that has not seen the episode themselves and would not like to be spoiled. With any sort of graphics, fics or discussion that is quite large we ask that it goes under cut too. We don’t want the community to be messed up or flists being like that either because of large posts

It is best that we talk about Wincest here in the rules too because it’s a big fandom of the show with many members that go for it. Those that are going to be posting anything related should post it all under cut and with a warning going to those that don’t like the ship. We also don’t want any bashing from either those that like or don’t, so please respect both sides for what they believe in

We encourage that people do use the subject lines to tell people what they entry is about and it makes it easier for everyone to use them. If you have any questions about them please look at examples or go with what you think would be okay. The maintainers might ask you to do it in a way that is easier and we hope that you understand also that we are here to help you as much as possible

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We are a new community which means that we are trying to get things organized and get members to our community. We are going to be holding different challenges and contests which we will post the most recent one here with a deadline for entries to be submitted

Community Layout Challenge No Layout Challenge as of now

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If you would like to be an affiliate of ours, please post a comment here and we would be happy to add you to our growing list of affiliates

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The maintainers are here to make sure that everything goes right on the community and to make sure that the rules are being followed. We are also here to help the community go with topics to talk about and to answer any questions that people have about the community or our lovely Dean which we are here to talk about. If you have any questions and feel okay about asking them in the community, please post them Here where we are able to get to them. If you don't feel so good about asking them on the community, please contact one or all of the maintainers in the following manners

tehuberfangirl *Ashley* (xwinchesterxgirlx@yahoo.com)
walkingxorgasm *Malissa* (malissa.coulson@gmail.com)
nightcomes *Bekka*